Bracelet HB T-shaped closure


Hayat Borneo bracelet with a T-shaped closure
This unique bracelet is entirely made of natural fibers from the primeval forest by
the inhabitants of Borneo, It represents a symbol of support against deforestation
and the protection of Orangutans.

  • T-shaped closure
  • 100% vegetable bracelet
  • Handmade in Borneo
  • Promotes fair trade
  • 1 tree planted by the Fnpf foundation

Attention, the clasp of this bracelet is appropriate for the size of the person concerned, if you do not know the size, you can reorientate to a specific clasp or magnetic clasp

Use a measuring tape to measure the turn of your wrist and select the correct size. The sizes below correspond to your wrist circumference:

  • XS     >>    15 cm poignet
  • S        >>    16 cm poignet
  • S/M    >>    17 cm poignet
  • M        >>    18 cm poignet
  • M/L    >>     19 cm poignet
  • L        >>      20 cm poignet
  • XL     >>       21 cm poignet
  • XXL   >>       22 cm poignet


Weight 9 g
Dimensions 14 mm

XS, S, S/M, M, M/L, L, XL, XXL


Man, Woman



Jewel type



Hayat Bornéo

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By purchasing Hayat Borneo jewellery…

You are contributing to the protection of animal species

You are aiding development of artisanal activities for many local people

You are helping the reforestation project on the island of Borneo

It’s a natural concept allowing you to wear jewellery whilst helping the environment!

Hayat Borneo is partnered with
the FNPF Foundation

Friends of National Parks Foundation
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