So that you can be sure not to get it wrong when purchasing our jewellery, here is a small guide to help you take your measurements and make the right choice.

Bracelet sizes

Take your measurements

To measure your wrist, go find a measuring tape, some ribbon or some string.

Wrap it around your wrist but not too tightly. It’s best if you can slide a finger underneath the ribbon (see diagram) and then note down the measurement by adding half a centimetre.

Once you have done this, you can work out your real wrist size.

Original Foundation (no clasp)

  • XS     >>    15 cm poignet
  • S        >>    16 cm poignet
  • S/M    >>    17 cm poignet
  • M        >>    18 cm poignet
  • M/L    >>     19 cm poignet
  • L        >>      20 cm poignet
  • XL     >>       21 cm poignet
  • XXL   >>       22 cm poignet

For the 1 jewel 1 tree range, you just need to add on 1 cm to the length around your wrist to work out the size of your bracelet:

  • For a “close to the skin” fit: use this measurement.
  • For an “exact” fit: add 1 to 1.5 cm to this measurement.
  • For a “wide” fit: add 1.5 to 2 cm to this measurement.

The average bracelet size is around 15 cm for women and 17 cm for men.

Hayat Borneo Creation

  • XS : 15 cm
  • S : 16 cm
  • M : 17 cm
  • L : 18 cm
  • XL : 19 cm
  • XXL : 20 cm

For the Hayat Borneo Creation collection, you just need to measure around your wrist to work out the size of your bracelet.

The average bracelet size is around 17 cm for women and 18 cm for men.